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Cell Phones and Printer Cartridges/Toners

CAPSA collects cell phones and print cartridges/toners for two reasons:

  • We can use the cell phones for emergency phones. Even when a cell phone is not hooked up for service, it can still be used to dial 911 in an emergency. We give these phones to our clients that do not have cell phones, and they can be used in emergencies.
  • We participate in a program called Shelter Alliance (part of GRC Recycling). This fundraising program pays CAPSA for used cell phones and printer cartridges/toners. Shelter Alliance takes the donated items and recycles them responsibly, then donates money to our organization. Since 2001, Shelter Alliance has donated over $5 million to shelters around the U.S. and has ensured that no wireless e-waste is sent to solid landfills, no wireless e-waste contaminates the soil of developing countries, and batteries are processed according to EPA guidelines for proper disposal and recycling of rechargeable batteries.

Ways you can get involved:

  • Donated your used cell phones and print cartridges to CAPSA. Call 435-753-2500 for details.
  • Organize a group to collect cell phones and print cartridges that you will donate to CAPSA.
  • Organize your workplace to collect cell phones for a specific period of time. Call CAPSA and we can work with you to create a "contest" at your workplace so the team who collects the most cell phones will win a prize.
  • Talk to your employer about saving all your print cartridges/toners from work and donate them to CAPSA – it can be a one-time thing, or a regular thing. Call 435-753-2500 and we can arrange to come and pick them up for you.

NOTE: Many cell phones and PDAs (personal digital assistants, i.e. Blackberrys) contain sensitive personal information, such as text messages, bank information, and personal e-mails that can be retrieved even after you have deleted them from the device. If you think your phone may contain this information, ask your cellular carrier how to "hardwipe" the data from your phone or PDA before you trade it in or donate it. CAPSA is not responsible for the protection or removal of this content, and will not be held liable for resulting damages if a phone containing sensitive personal information is donated to us.