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Educational Support Groups

Women's Support Groups

CAPSA holds weekly educational support groups for survivors to meet together, discuss issues, learn what resources are available, and gain support from knowing they are not alone. These groups are scheduled two to three times a year (August to December and January to May and during the summer if needed), and are held for approximately 15 weeks. CAPSA's Support Group Facilitator will meet with each client prior to the beginning of the group to ensure that the group is covering topics that will be most helpful for everyone.

The goal of the support group is to empower survivors through education about domestic violence and its effects on both victims and their children as well as provide information about resources available. We hope that through a holistic approach to learning about the dynamics of abuse, its impact on the self and how to re-claim oneself, participants can breake the cycle of abuse and live free of future violence.

CAPSA holds both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking groups. We are currently only have the resources to offer support groups for women, but in the future we hope to expand and offer these groups to male victims as well. Call 435.753.2500 to speak with the Support Group Facilitator for more details.

Jail Educational Groups

CAPSA also offers two educational groups in the Cache County jail. These groups seek to educate group participants about abuse and its impact as well as to empower them to live future lives free of abuse.

Sexual Assault Support Groups

CAPSA periodically offers support groups for survivors of rape and sexual assault. These groups are scheduled based on the number of people who are able to participate. The groups are intended to help survivors of sexual assault learn more about what resources are available, and help them work through difficult situations following an assault. For more details, call CAPSA's Rape Program Coordinator at 435.753.2500.

Children's Program & Groups

Because domestic violence is not an isolated incident that happens only to men and women, but affects the children around them as much as the adults, CAPSA has developed a program to help these children. Studies have shown that children who witness domestic violence or are victims of domestic violence that don't receive any type of intervention or positive role modeling are 65% more likely than other children to repeat the cycles of abuse as an adult, either being abused or becoming abusive themselves. The Children's Program at CAPSA aims to increase the percentage that break the cycle of abuse through education.

Many of the women who attend CAPSA's educational support groups described above have one or more children who have witnessed or been directly involved with that violence. The Children's Group is held at the same time as the women's educational support groups in order to allow these women to have a place to bring their children, and allow the children a chance to receive positive role modeling and participate in constructive activities.

The classes provide consistency and increase feelings of safety for the children. The program includes free play time, snack time, and lesson time. Topics addressed coincide with topics in the women's support groups, adapted for age-appropriateness.