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Prevention Education

CAPSA's mission is not only to help survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, but also to prevent abuse in the future by providing education to the community. CAPSA has presentations designed for both boys and girls ages 11-18. Our presentations address age-appropriate topics that build assets in youth and discuss the importance of preventing abuse.

Presentation subjects include:

  • Healthy dating and relationships: Role plays, survivor stories, and a PowerPoint presentation provide information to discuss the differences between healthy and abusive relationships.
  • Rape and sexual assault: A PowerPoint presentation discusses facts and myths about rape, and harmful drugs people use to facilitate it.
  • Rape risk reduction/self defense: Demonstrates basic self defense skills to help students defend themselves in a dangerous situation, and gives the students a chance to practice what they learn in a non-threatening atmosphere.
  • Sexual harassment: PowerPoint and discussion on what is appropriate and what is considered sexual harassment in school and work settings.

In 2009, we revamped our Prevention Program to include discussion and information about masculinity, femininity, social interactions, socialization, and how these things can contribute to a societal "norm" that accepts and perpetuates violence.

The presentations are designed to appeal to a wide variety of classes and age groups, including health, physical education, science, adult roles, social studies, and more. We also present to church youth groups, Scouts, or any other community organization that is interested. Our presentations are professional, respectful, sensitive, age-appropriate and flexible to meet your class or group needs and time frames.

All of our presentations are provided free of charge. For more information on programs or to schedule your class or group call CAPSA at 435-753-2500 and ask to speak with the Prevention Educator and Coordinator.

Youth Council

The CAPSA Youth Council is an organization of students grades 9-12 who participate in service projects, fundraising opportunities, and help spread awareness and educate their peers about dating violence, healthy relationships, and rape prevention.

The main goal of the Youth Council is to involve students in the CAPSA Rape Prevention Education Program and allow them a chance to use their leadership experience to help educate their fellow students on the importance of rape prevention and healthy relationships in collaboration with other students throughout Cache Valley. Council members will be required to help design, plan, and implement awareness activities during the school year. The Council will consist of four to five students from each of five schools: North Cache and South Cache 8-9 Centers, Logan High School, Mountain Crest High School, and Sky View High School.

The council members will have a chance to expand their leadership experience by serving on any of three committees – publicity, awareness, and activities. Each committee will assist with some aspect of CAPSA's annual Rape Prevention efforts, including Teen Dating Violence Awareness Week in February and Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April. The Rape Prevention Educator at CAPSA will oversee the activities of each committee and provide guidance and direction throughout the duration of the Council.

This is a great opportunity to develop leadership and communication skills, participate in volunteer service for a non-profit organization, work as a member of a collaborative team with other students in Cache Valley, and build lasting friendships.